Springy Animal Mobile Friend - Blue Shark
  • Springy Animal Mobile - Shark.  - Nursery decoration

    This fabulous springy blue shark mobile is friendly rather than fearsome and is a fab way to stimuate your baby or simply keep them smiling right through to adulthood.

    Hang him securely where he can bounce away where ever you choose to have him.

    This springy blue shark is great for children, but would brighten the day for anyone one who's had a hard day at work!Why not hang a variety of springy animals from your child bedroom ceiling to brighten up their room. The springy animals can be used for visual stimulation and a distraction at nappy changing time. they should be hung securely and out of reach of children,not directly above cot or a childs face.  

    Aproximatley 35cm wide x 19cm long (not incl. spring)

    Spring 36cm long