crylic Robin Christmas Tree Decorations - Round Robin
  • Acrylic Robin Christmas Tree decorations - Round Robin laser cut and engraved.

    Our beautiful clear Round Robin Christmas tree decorations are a must for any traditional or modern Christmas tree.

    Designed, lasered and hand finished with a plush red ribbon at The Pink Monkey Company.

    You can buy either a single robin, or as a set of 3, saving £2.98! After the robins have been laser cut and engraved, they are hand finished with a plush red hanging ribbon.

    Whether you buy one or a set they come in their own silver organza drawstring pouch, allowing them to be stored safely after Christmas, so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

    Our tree ornaments are laser cut and engraved here at The Pink Monkey Company in England.

    Each robin is laser engraved on one side allowing the design to appear through the material when hanging on the tree and laser cut ensuring clean smooth edges.

    6cm long x 7.5cm wide x 3mm thick

    Red Ribbon loop approximately 8cm

    Single or Set of 3


    These are not toys.