Laptop Lilo
  • Laptop Lilo -

    Stay cool with the Laptop Lilo inflatable laptop cushion on the couch, bed or floor!

    The Laptop Lilo lets you use you notebook comfortably just about anywhere! The non slip PVC helps your laptop stay on the laptop Lilo, whilst the front ledge provides more stability.

    The special 'Air flow' design of the Laptop Lilo dissipates hot air from your laptop and away from your legs, whilst the air in the laptop Lilo naturally ensures the heat stays away!

    The ergonimic design gives the user maximum comfort with a 10 degree angle for a more comfortable viewing height (whilst seated). The Laptop Lilo is also heat resistant up to 80°C, great given that most laptops give off heat up to 40°C, ouch!

    Great for travel and commuting too as it inflates in less than 2 minutes.

    Colour - clear

    Suitable for laptops up to 17"