Media Stand for iPod, iPhone, Touch Phone & Archos
  • Media iPod Stand 

    At The Pink Monkey Company Ltd in England we have designed our own stylish media iPod stand that is great for use with the iPod, iPhone,Touch Phone, Archos media players and most slim mobile phones for horizontal viewing only.

    The funky design media iPod stand is curvy, so there are no sharp edges and there are two holes that allow for cables to be unhindered by the stand itself. Also, despite it's size, the cross design and the acrylic make it a sturdy stand so it wont fall backwards. 

    The media iPod stand comes in two halves, which simply slots together in a split second and can be taken apart just as quick. This stand is so quick to assemble that it makes it the perfect travel accessory for your media player! You can slip it into your pocket, small handbag etc. and simply assemble it wherever it suits you to watch your media player.

    We have friends use them on the train, plane and at the dinner table!  

    We have now extended our colour range to give everyone a chance to have their own favourite colour to go with their media player. From stylish to funky there is a colour for everyone!  This would make a great birthday present, stocking filler or special gift for an iPod / media phone user, or why not treat yourself and collect the set so you can use whichever one suits your mood on the day! 

    Assembled - 9cm wide x 5cm deep x 4cm high