Leather Fairy Bookmark - Spread Your Wings Fairy
  • Leather Fairy Bookmark - Quotes - Spread Your Wings Fairy.

    This small rectangle leather bookmark has a pretty butterfly fairy sitting on a flower engraved on it along with a lovely anonymous yet positive quote.... 
    '"Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly'

    Great gift for anyone and any age who loves fairies, gardening, flowers, butterflies or just life! 

    Our leather bookmarks are made from the finest quality calf leather, which makes for a really special gift for a book reader.

    Our quality leather bookmarks are sent to you in their own navy blue Pink Monkey gift box making it them a splendid birthday, anniversary, Valentine, Christmas or special gift for people of all ages, or an extra treat to yourself. So whether you are a paperback reader or a chunky hardback fan, there will be the size and colour for you. 

    Size: 10 x 5 cm (plus tassel)

    Rectangle only

    Ebony, Chocolate, Chestnut Brown, Conker Brown, Red, Blue, Bottle Green