Funky Acrylic Spiral Coasters
  • Spiral Coasters set of 4 - Laser cut Acrylic in a choice of funky colours and Shapes

    Funky acrylic spiral coasters. These funky spiral coasters would suit any home where you want to make a statement or just want to have a bit of plain old fun with your decor.

    Each set of four funky spiral coasters come in a standard circular spiral or you can go a bit more crazy with ether a square, triangle or star.

    Each set of spiral coasters also come in a vivid array of colours, so you do not have to limit your wildness to shape alone!

    Size - Circle 10.3cm diameter

    Square - 10.3cm x 10.3 cm

    Triangle - 10.9 cm x 10.9cm

    Star - 10.9cm x 10.9cm

    Colours - black, dark blue, pink, green, frosted violet, fluorescent orange, red and green

    Set of 4 - single design only